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Welcome to the website of Frittenden Community Land Trust Ltd, our prime aims are to facilitate the provision of affordable homes and support other community projects in Frittenden.

A community land trust is, by definition, independent and accountable to the local community and exists in most cases for the purpose of gaining affordable housing for its community; its directors are volunteers, and are elected by and answerable to its, members, who are the local community.

Frittenden is a small village in Kent with a population of circa 870 people. However there is a shortage of affordable housing for rent and local people find it difficult to find accommodation in their home town. Frittenden Community Land Trust Ltd has been set up as an effective means of resolving some of the housing needs of local people. A community land trust can work to identify sites for affordable homes, engage with landowners, housing associations, developers and local authorities and oversee a project from inception to completion. It can influence policy on allocation and seek to ensure that any affordable homes provision remains in the community for the longer term. We hope to help to relieve the financial hardship of eligible people who live in our community.

Fittenden CLT is independent from other local organisations, however it has been set up with guidance from the Wessex CLT Project and is a member of the National CLT Network.

How will a CLT led scheme benefit Frittenden?

Currently the recent Tunbridge Wells plan has identified a development site on the outskirts of the village which includes an element of affordable housing. If a housing association is involved in the scheme, the tenancy of the houses could be open to anyone in the wider district. If Frittenden CLT initiates a scheme, the housing association that carries out the development is obliged to follow the specially developed allocations policy agreed with the Frittenden CLT, ie tenancy is only open to people who live in the village.

It is even more fundamental than that, from our ‘village needs survey’, we know the size of the properties we require. Responding to local needs and mindful of local sensitivities, FCLT would ensure that the key number of homes, size of homes, the scheme design, site layout and landscaping the allocations policy will be in line with the needs of Frittenden.

Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.
Its registered address is:

Frittenden House,
The Street,
TN17 2DG

Registered Number RS8106

Bank: National Westminster Bank Ltd

Company Secretary: Stewart Hagerty

List of Directors
Stewart Hagerty
Mark Corti
Nicholas Bull
Jane Hagell
Paul Brown